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Explore the depths of DARE for two days together with its developer Uwe Albrecht, and learn to apply it to yourself and, above all, to others.

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When are you? Where are you? Who are you? The Now, the Here and the Self are the three dimensions that define our existence as human beings. Most people are neither in the Now, nor in the Here or Self, and yet they wonder why their lives are so mixed up. They try to make up for this non-presence with games and tricks. As a result, many interactions, communications and activities between people are full of manipulations and games. These usually have to do with control, codependences, feeding off each other’s energies, covering up fears and low self-esteem, and, above all, projections. All of this subtracts from the beauty of life and our encounters with others, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Course contents

• Scanning and testing
• Working with images and blueprints
• Games and tricks
• The victim-offender correlation
• The Now: Dissolving positive and negative hang-ups in time
• The Here: Finding and dissolving meaningless spaces of reality
• The Self: Being your whole self with your soul, identity and melody
• Game over: Recognizing and escaping power games, allowing surrender to life
• Integrity, presence, life path and living space lead to life purpose
• Integrating DARE into various issues

Illness, blockages, suffering, failure and unhappiness are a result of non-presence. With the help of DARE, you can uncover and clear all of this. And then: Games over!

This is who I'm meant to be.
This is me.

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DARE TO B’RICHED is part of the innerwise family which also includes a self-help and professional healing system, an analysis and diagnostics system and a consulting system.
These give the tools to anyone who wants them to be able to understand and shape their own lives in a comprehensive way — intuitively, playfully, free from drama, analytically and verifiably.

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