Homo Integer

For experienced innerwise users and those who have completed the Coming Home course and want to ask themselves the big questions about the meaning of life. Four days with Uwe Albrecht.

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Integrity: being complete, whole, honest, authentic, unbroken
For those who have recognized integrity as the true goal of life.
You cannot find your life purpose; it will find you, when you are ready. Living up to it after that will be greatest adventure of your life, because it is greater than one human life and you were brave enough to accept it.

Original Soul
How were you originally intended to be? What size, beauty and fullness had been planned for you, and what have you reduced yourself to? And why not return to your original life?

Life Path
The light at the end of the tunnel is the meaning, your life purpose. The tunnel is your life path. Yet, unfortunately, in 98 out of 100 people, the path is blocked and buried in rubble. Time to clear the path again.

Living Space
Can you fill your inner space with yourself, or does it take other people and things to do that? A what kind of external space are you creating out of that? Be happy with yourself.

Phoenix Moments
These are the little deaths and at the same time the fountains of youth that await most of us every three to seven years. Let go, leap into the unknown and reinvent yourself. If you don’t live them because you overlooked them, or you were too cowardly, your memories begin to loop. Leap up and fly.

Matrix Cracks
Life is not continuous and linear! Life is disruptive! It is like a staircase, and if you try to avoid one step, it becomes painful and the matrix of life cracks there. Heal these cracks, so you can stop learning in circles and finally achieve stability.

Life Mode
To have or to be? Donut or torus? You have to decide which life mode you want to live now. Both have their gifts, challenges and meaning. If you completely arrive in one of them, the roles you are playing in life disappear, and you will find peace within yourself.

Human or What?
Being completely human - how wonderful! But who really is? We make up for apparent weaknesses in our humanness with things that are not human. However, the non-human offers resonance to disruptions, irritations, ways or behavior and illnesses that do not occur in the human. Dare to be completely human.

Red Line
The soul’s journey in this life, through this life and back out again. Incarnation, reality or illusion, maturity, spiritual development, trust life, and life trusts you, the journey of the soul after death back into the One, or dwelling in the world in between. Explore and understand life in depth.

Prerequisite for this course
Participation in DARE DAY or DARE TO B’RICHED - Coming Home, and the courage to really want to encounter yourself and life.

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